Humor me Korea

This is going to be an ongoing page of humor we’ve encountered in Korea over the past 2,5 years and what we might encounter at any times. This will include funny student or teacher comments, descriptions or acts and the wrongful use of English in public areas…

Students in class (after being asked what animal it is):

Picture of seal: WATER DAWGGGGG! (in Korean it’s Mul Ghe; literally translated water dog, still flipn funny when they shout it out loud)

Picture of rhino: HORN NOSE COW (hehe, in that circumstance I couldn’t help myself, I broke down laughing for like 1 minute…)

Student (writing some facts in essay about Australia):

“Australian almost doesn’t eat snack when they are drinking alcoholic”.  (it’s customary in Korea to have some snacks whilst drinking…)

After Saturday English camp

(after seeing me [Kurt]helping to carry boxes to car)

Teacher (to Marene): Wow, he is so delicious.

Marene: (hehehe, in her mind, knowing that’s not what she meant).

Same teacher at lunch: (after talking about Afrikaans and other languages) I think Spanish is a very sexful language.

Us: Uhm, yeah, it is quite a SEXY language…

Today in class (Kurt, Middle School Girls)

Ju Young: Teacher, your ears… (with thumbs up)

Me: Uhhhhm, what do you mean? (me knowing something funny is pending)

Ju Young: Teacher your ears, very good (nods her head).

Definitely one of the stranger compliments I’ve heard…

In class today (Kurt, Middle School):

Today in my grade 2 middle school class:

Student: Teacher, your top, beautiful!

Me: Well thank you.

Student: Give it to me! (straight face)

Me: Walking away, laughing it off.

Never a dull day in SoKo.

Had interviews with all my students, this one tiny Gr.1 Middle School girl gave the following answer:

Me: So what is your favourite room in your house?

Student: The bathroom.

Me: So, why do you choose the bathroom as your favourite room?

Student: Because, I can take a dump there, and also wash my face.

(word for word true story, I kid you not…)


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