Travel Film: Vietnam -Part 2

Check description in YouTube… Long story short: retrieved some ‘lost’ footage, and made a part 2. This is footage from Saigon, Hanoi and Halong Bay.


TRAVEL FILM: Backpacking through ViEtNaM…

So this is the video that I made of us traveling through Vietnam. We spent 21 days there, and I recorded A LOT of video, so it was quite a challenge to put only the best parts/highlights in here, as there was SO MANY! All the info you may want to know about this trip is in our previous blog entry…

Hope you enjoy this video as much as we enjoyed doing everything that you’ll see next!

= Live life, NO regrets! =

PS watch this video in HD to get the full effect 🙂

Vibrant ViEtNaM, pho sure!

[NOTE: Click on pictures to enlarge]

Winter vacation in Korea means nice tropical vacation for us somewhere else in S.E. Asia! Next on the cards for us was Vietnam. It’s a place we’ve read about and have seen some tv shows about, and we know a little about some big western country that had a war against them long ago, but that is about it. It sounded exciting and mysterious, so the planning started…
We chose a ‘north-south’ route; our reasoning being to start in the ‘cold’ and to travel down to the ‘warmer’ areas (at that time of travel). We flew into the south (Saigon), spent two days, flew up to Hanoi, and then made our way down, eventually finishing up at Saigon again. We had 3 glorious weeks to spend – 12 January to 2 February.
Trying not to bore any of you (or myself), I’m going to jot down the highlights and best memories that we took away from all the places we’ve stayed. Continue reading