Travel Film: Vacation Vibes in South Africa

Went back home in August during our summer vacation here in South Korea. It was such a nice reprieve from the humidity at that time!

It was also the first time testing out our new camera – the Panasonic Lumix G7. Still have to get used to editing in 4K, but the quality is awesome!

It was only a short visit, but so worth it. We surely live in an amazingly beautiful country!


Afrikaans Words We Love to Use

We sometimes find ourselves in a conversation with our English friends (we’re Afrikaans South Africans) and many times we have to explain the usage of some local words like “lekker”, “ja-nee” or “braai”.

For those not in the know, South Africa has 11 official languages, of which Afrikaans is one of them.

Here’s a fun little explanation of all the “lekker”Afrikaans words we often use to express ourselves!

Have a look and comment below if you have heard any of these words before.

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Tietiesbaai – where I go to relax…

Seeing that it’s still holiday time in S.A., I’m sitting today and reminiscing about a place that’s very dear to me. That place is Tietiesbaai on the west coast. I’ve gone camping there at the end of each year in the vacation time (Decembers) with my family for as long as I can remember.

DSC05172It’s not a place for everybody though; there is no convenience store (you have to drive a bit), there’s no club, no lights, no recreational facilities and no grass (also, only some spots have cellphone reception). You pitch your tent on a rather sandy and dusty lot and you have to walk a bit to get to the bathrooms. Did I mention there is no electricity? BUT I LOVE IT! Exactly for all the above mentioned reasons. The ocean and surrounding nature is your playground and entertainment. You go diving for crayfish, you go out spearfishing, you try and catch fish from the rocks, you paddle-ski or just go for a stroll along the winding roads next to the ocean. Continue reading