Travel Film: Siquijor, Moalboal & Manila in 10 days!

It’s DEFINITELY more fun in the Philippines!

We had about ten days of winter vacation left, and we needed some sun and scuba…

This is what we got up to:


SCUBA/Snorkel in Cebu (Moalboal, Oslob) & Siquijor

Seriously one of our most memorable trips due to what we encountered underwater! Put on a mask and you immerse yourself in a TOTALLY different world… We came face-to-face with beautiful whale sharks in Oslob, did some amazing wall dives in Moalboal and got attacked by an eel (and clown fish) in Siquijor. All caught on camera. Have a look…

The Philippines: Manila, Moalboal & Siquijor

The Philippines will forever conjure up fond memories for us, and not just because of the awesome beaches and sites, but to a big deal the PEOPLE themselves. Their hospitality, friendliness and curiosity is unequaled in any other S.E.A. country (IMO).

This was our third (def not last) visit to this awesome archipelago, and every time it feels like ‘it can’t get better than this’. We had 11 days, during which our main focus was scuba diving and getting in some beach time.

Moalboal_[Feb2015]_0146 Continue reading


Due to various reasons, we had to change our winter holiday plans. We had to shorten our ‘long’ winter backpacking trip to Vietnam, and that left over 5 more (weekdays) of vacation. So where to go for a week in Asia that’s 1) not too far to fly to (from South Korea), 2) not too expensive (flights & recreation & accommodation…), 3) has the beach, sunshine and decently priced beverages (you know the kind I’m referring to;)) and 4) just gives you the overall feel of ‘now I’m getting my R&R on’? The answer is the Philippines! A week on the beautiful Palawan is just what the doctor ordered; a vacation after the frenetic pace of shopping, eating, seeing, busing and indulging in everything that Vietnam has to offer (traveling is tough hey). Continue reading