Travel Film: LAOS

We eventually made it to Laos, and it SURPASSED all our expectations!

Again, the film will do the talking 🙂 Enjoy.


Saffas on adventure: THAILAND & LAOS

That time of the year that we count down to – January. The month of adventure, exploration and new memories! Our winter vacation break has finally arrived, our backpacks are packed and ready, the batteries are charged (the electric kind), passports in the pocket, smiles of anticipation all around – Thailand and Laos, here we come!
We were very excited, as we were going to places that we have only heard friends, that have been there already, speak highly of. The loose itinerary looked like this: Chiang Mai, Pai (Northern Thailand), then Luang Prabang (after taking the slow-boat down the ‘Mighty Mekong’ which takes around 3 days, more on this later) , Vang Vieng and Vientiane (Laos).
Chiang Mai_[Jan2015]_0010

Temple in Chiang Mai

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