Travel Film: JAPAN(ing) around!

Had the privilege of visiting this amazing country of sushi, ramen, temples and palaces!

We spent 2 weeks traveling around the Honshu area of Japan. Some unforgettable memories as you’ll see…

Enjoy, and tell us what you thought 🙂


Picture tour: BEST of Japan

A picture is worth a thousand words they say… I don’t think any picture could do Japan justice, it’s just such an amazingly beautiful place! I’ll give it a go though – here follows our best snaps from our 2 week trip to Japan. Enjoy!


Tokyo_[Aug2015]_0010 Tokyo_[Aug2015]_0023








Tokyo_[Aug2015]_0015 Tokyo_[Aug2015]_0064





Tokyo_[Aug2015]_0123 Tokyo_[Aug2015]_0114





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Only in Japan!


Let’s start this with a few observations.

Crocs is big in Japan, wouldn’t have thought… iPhone is everything. Everywhere you go, it is spotlessly clean. Rolling up your pants, exposing your ankles is the rage (dunno if this is just a summer thing – we were there in the sweltering heat of August). Many girls wear coloured contact lenses. Trains and train-lines are confusing in the big cities! There’s a huge variety of beers and other interesting alcoholic beverages to choose from. You’re not cool if you don’t have a handkerchief/face towel to dab the sweat of your face in summer.

In general, the Japanese people came over as much reserved, and quiet. BUT, they are incredibly friendly and helpful. The good level of English surprised us (remember we compare to Korea…).

Japan by FAR exceeded our expectations. Every preconceived idea we had was shattered. And although we shared many places with thousands of other tourists, it was still special for us. We spent two weeks exploring as much as we could see of the middle part of Honshu island. We started off in Tokyo, then Fujiyoshida, Matsumoto, Takayama, Kanazawa, Kyoto and Osaka. Continue reading