Hi, we are Kurt and Marene Krause. We come from South Africa (Western Cape – winelands area) and we are currently English teachers in South Korea. We are really into traveling and we love new experiences! We are quite adventurous, and as of lately we are SCUBA certified and we try to dive as much as we can (if the destination permits it!).

Making new memories, experiencing new things, spending quality time with family and friends, our religion, and just having a good time in general are some of the things we hold dear. Since becoming teachers in South Korea, traveling to different countries and being exposed to various cultures, has changed our outlook on life. We’ve realized along the way (we’ve been working and traveling abroad 4,5 years, and counting) that there are exciting opportunities out there; you should just be open-minded and have a positive attitude about it.

We are still ‘discovering’ ourselves and we’re always open to new adventures.  We have a broad  plan (although still very flexible) for our future and what we want it to look like, but at the moment we’re just living life! We’ve been blessed with amazing opportunities thus far, and we are embracing everything along the journey with enthusiasm!


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  1. I really enjoy your posts. I tried sharing your most recent one on twitter but it auto popped with @wordpress.com. Do you have a twitter handle? I’d love to connect:) Cheers to you.

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