Korean east coast road trip!

We had a short break, and decided to take the car for a road trip up the east coast of South Korea. We camped as we went, and what better way to immerse yourself in the area.

East Coast Roadtrip_[May2015]_0021East Coast Roadtrip_[May2015]_0026





We firstly visited Cheongsong and our old Korean friends there, where we taught our first two years! It was fun to see everything again after 4 years of being there.

East Coast Roadtrip_[May2015]_0005

Back for a visit in Cheongsong after 4 years!


‘Old Man’s Face’ at Juwangsan National Park


After driving 1477km, basically doing a large loop through Korea, camping as we go, we just realised again the beauty that surrounds us here.



East Coast Roadtrip_[May2015]_0032

East Coast Roadtrip_[May2015]_0033 East Coast Roadtrip_[May2015]_0018












East Coast Roadtrip_[May2015]_0039 East Coast Roadtrip_[May2015]_0038






East Coast Roadtrip_[May2015]_0059








East Coast Roadtrip_[May2015]_0084

Last camping of the trip at Chiaksan National Park (Guryong campsite)

Peaceful little stream at Guryong Campsite

Peaceful little stream at Guryong Campsite

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