This is a video I made for a competition for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Korea. We had to make a 3min video on ‘what Korea means to you’ or ‘how do you feel about Korea’, with the title: “To Me, Korea Is…”

I wanted to show what we’ve been doing in our down time, whether attending festivals, going away for the weekend, swimming, hiking, island hopping, camping, biking – we do it all here!

In the video you can see it all as seen through the lens of my GoPro. Unfortunately I had a time limit of 3 minutes, so this is literally a very small glimpse! (if there is any interest, I might come up with a Part 2 in the future) Hope you enjoy. Leave a comment with any questions if you feel like it! Cheers

THIS, is why we love South Korea!

2 thoughts on “THIS, is why we love South Korea!

    • Hi there! The GoPro has changed the way we look back at all our best memories, it puts you back in that moment and you almost relive it – it’s awesome! This is our 5th year in Korea, never a dull moment; loving it.

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