So the time has finally arrived – we were on our way to go snowboarding again at long last!

Mates of ours from the south hired a van for the weekend, and picked us up en route to the resort. We arrived after around 2,5 hours, settled into the pension we were staying at, and then moved on to the place we were hiring our gear from. Note to self: don’t sign up to go with such a big group again; everything always takes longer and and and…

After what seemed like ages we  got there and the excitement started building. Snowboarding has become even more fun after my wife got hooked on it as well… Our hopes weren’t that high for perfect powder on the slopes though, it rained the night before. This resulted in only the lower slopes being open, with, which seemed like the whole of Korea, trying to get to the front of the flipn long queues… The evening session was also very foggy causing a very ominous atmosphere!

Oh well, at the end of the day we had a lot of fun on the slopes and we spent some quality time with great friends!

Snowboarding @ Muju Ski Resort

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