No worries, it’s AuStRaLiA Mate (Aug 2012)

Next stop en route back to S.A. was Australia. We had a great time in Malaysia and Singapore, but we were looking forward to NOT living out of our bags anymore (and do some much-needed washing!).

We were on our way to visit my wife’s twin sis and her husband Mike. They live on the Gold Coast and we were excited to experience a bit of Aussie land. Unfortunately we could only spend 2 weeks in Aus (to be on time for my Uni roommate’s wedding), so the schedule was rather jam-packed with what we had planned!

Spending some time with the Twinners at The Spit.

Took trip into Brisbane.

Surfer’s Paradise, one of the nicest stretches of beach I’ve seen.

Our first trip was one we took to the Sunshine coast. It was the twins’ birthday, so we made a nice weekend out of it. We also made a stop at Noosa Heads, which had a nice holiday feel to it. It has an awesome beach and just a very nice relaxing atmosphere in general.

Chillin it in Marcoola, Sunshine Coast.

Noosa Heads, Sunshine Coast.

After a nice weekend at the Sunshine Coast, Mic & Sunel dropped us off at a Juicy Camper van depot in Brisbane. The next leg of our Aussie adventure kicked off there…

This was the beautiful Hervey Bay. When taking a stroll on this beach it seems like it is never-ending!

We had a very nice camping spot in Yeppoon. The people were also very friendly and helpful.

We had no specific plan of exactly which towns we’re going to visit on the road trip. We told ourselves that we’ll just pull out the map before we go, see which towns are on the way and seem interesting. It certainly was interesting as you did not always know what to expect; we went on exploring like that until we reached our final destination, Airlie Beach.

We stayed at this Nomads. In the backyard there are many ‘lots’ where people can park and overnight with their camper vans.

The plan has always been to go scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef after getting certified in Malaysia. The thing is, we didn’t expect it to be that expensive (our thinking). And with our budget basically being shot (traveling appeared to be ‘a little’ bit more on the expensive side than expected), we had to withdraw money for the day trip out to the Great Barrier to go scuba. We told ourselves: “what the heck, when will we have this opportunity again?”.

It was the best decision we could’ve made. The trip out to the reef on board the boat Illusions was spectacular. The coral reefs and sea-life in general were beautiful! We had two dives: one at Langford Reef and one at Blue Pearl Bay. We saw some beautiful things, but the sea turtles still eluded us…

Reef at Blue Pearl Bay.

Still can’t believe that these are wild birds…

Next stop (on the return leg again) was the amazing town of 1770 (yup, that’s its name). If we could’ve we would’ve camped out for a week there! So peaceful, beautiful beach, fishing, and amazing campsites amongst huge shady trees. We really loved it there.

Raw beauty that is 1770!

Anybody for pancakes? The setup is awesome in the Jucy, even a fan and a small DVD player (not that we used it).

The last night of the road trip we spent at the Nomads in Noosa Heads.

The next morning early we woke up to be the first at the Australia Zoo. And we were… We only had a few hours before we had to return the Jucy van to the depot in Brisbane.

I couldn’t believe how tame these kangaroos were. They were just taking in the morning sun and letting me stroke them.

My wife’s new favorite animal… oh sleepy koala.

The Crocoseum!

Beach-art… apparently…

Everyday I’m twinnelling…

Man I love this stuff!!!! Bundaberg Ginger Beer!

Whilst driving through the nothingness in between towns on our east coast road trip I told my wife that Australia isn’t exactly what I’ve set it out to be in my head… Don’t get me wrong, I’m not meaning in a bad way. It shows you how our preconceived ideas about certain places or things are many times way off base!

Australia was a lekker place to visit! Thanks Michael and Sunel for opening up your house to us; we enjoyed our stay with you immensely. We’re looking forward to our next trip Down Under! Good on ya mate…

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